Gel plates are quickly becoming the go-to number plates in the UK and we offer the best. 3D license plates are the trendiest and most affordable style of license plate. Alphanumeric suits are marked with gel resin to give these raised license plates an elevated appearance. The letters are usually in “Charles Wright Font” with a legal distance, according to the instructions of the authorities. Unlike 4D license plates, 3D license plates have curved edges. It seems that there has never been a real danger that 3D freezing and 4D laser-cut license plates will become illegal, even though the government petition has managed to solve the problem. We knew very well that the statement in the bulletin was wrong because the RNPS enforcement team went to our premises and gave the “clear” for our products and we talk to them regularly to ensure compliance. Not only that, we`ve spent much of our time in this industry making sure we understand and adhere to the UK standard for license plates. How does negativity bias come into play here? First of all, the unscrupulous creation of a “press article” that definitely raises a negative point (3D / 4D will be illegal), without factual basis, will receive much more attention and clicks. It is particularly advantageous if the editor of said article does not produce 3D/4D plates, but only flat printed plates. MOT & Legality All characters have been designed to match the current Charles Wright font. We use letters and numbers of the highest quality using gel and acrylic characters.

Subject to legality, all our plates comply with DVLA standards to ensure that these are TÜV complaints, with each plate marked with exotic license plates and British Standards markings (BS AU 145d). In response to a government petition to end the ban on 3D/4D license plates [2], the Department of Transport clarified the position – as long as the 3D gel and 4D laser cut letters meet the requirements of the current BSAU 145d standard, they are legal and would not need to be changed after September. when the new standard comes into force. In addition, 3D gel and 4D laser cut license plates are legal according to BSAU 145e, provided they meet the requirements of the standard and pass the mandatory tests. Custom 3D gel license plates made of 3D black carbon gel, 3D gel license plates are a popular choice for road users who want to give their vehicle a refined look! Manufactured in-house with state-of-the-art laser technology, these are currently the most popular license plates on the market. Fastening Kits We provide mounting kits including screws, caps and rod tabs. We also offer plate holders to accommodate your plates! With this in mind, we would like to draw attention to the fact that many companies claim that the license plates they produce are approved for road traffic, when in reality they do not meet the British standard – especially the colored 4D and the “sparkling” gel. When you buy your license plates from Utopia Plates, you can be sure that the products you receive are fully legal and verified as such. We do not manufacture illegal products and we are proud of that. You can get your license plates as you like. Choose from increased curved shine, curved carbon, glitter gel, German fonts, shadow effect, and Hi-Line 3D license plate.

And all of them are legal on the street with DVLA standards. Get 100% legal license plates on the street from Easy Number Plates. Ans: Easy Number Plates offers a wide range of 3D plates ranging from glossy surfaces to curved numbers, German writing, flat surface, raised carbon gel license plates, glitter license plates, and more. All carbon fibre licence plates manufactured by Pro licence plates comply (before September 2021) with the UK BSAU 145d standards with reflective Class A and ACRYLIC ABS. We manufacture license plates in-house to ensure quality and durability. Utopia Plates works closely with the DVLA RNPS enforcement team to ensure that we fully comply with all regulations regarding our operations and the products we manufacture, which is why we can safely claim that our products are legal on the road, and we stick to that – we are known to successfully defend our customers against failed fake TVs and misinformed police officers. A: You could be fined £1000, as well as the authorities seizing your property from registration. Plates with illegal distances, fonts or declarations automatically violate TÜV and DVLA standards. A: Yes, 3D gel license plates are legal for cars in the UK. To protect yourself from questioning or punishment, make sure your license plate is manufactured by a DVLA-certified license plate manufacturer. Highlight the big picture of your car with this little piece of luxury on the hood and in the trunk of the car. Easy Number Plates` UK 3D license plates are of high quality, durable and the perfect example of exuberant style.

Get a 3D gel plate (specially designed for your two/four wheel model) that is custom made exclusively at Easy Plates. Carbon fiber gel license plates are a 3D license plate where signs/records are lifted from the surface of the plate, creating a 3D appearance.