This event will highlight exceptional women in the legal profession. The keynote speaker is Cassie Campbell-Pascall (presented by Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP) and the prestigious 2021 Lillian Ruby Clements Trailblazer Award will be presented to Patricia Sealy, QC. The event will take place on Thursday, March 3, 2022 at the Hudson Conference Centre at 200 8th Ave SW in Calgary, Alberta. The festivities start at 17:00 with cocktails and dinner is served at 18:00. The event is held in person, with tickets selling for $150 per person (or $1,150 per table). For years, the Independent Women`s Forum has hosted its annual awards gala, one of the city`s most coveted tickets. The Gala, like IWF, is known to be as light and fun as it is elegant and inspiring. At the gala, the IWF honours and celebrates true defenders of women who are committed defenders of democracy, freedom and free markets. U.S. Senator, South Carolina champion of American Dream VP, parents defend education editor, Asra investigates Mama Bear, not a senior meteorologist “domestic terrorist”, Fox News Channel Fierce Justice Seeker whistleblower on corruption of Governor Cuomo Together We Rise, presented by the Women`s Legal Forum and the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association, is a proud supporter of the Calgary Immigrant Women`s Association. Senior Fellow, Women`s Voice Freelance Contributor, Fox News Channel Host, The Truth with Lisa Boothe This event welcomes donations for Dress for Success Calgary. The Resilience Award recognizes an individual who demonstrates courage, courage and inner strength and helps create stronger, more vibrant communities by fostering more respectful dialogue and civic engagement.

The Barbara K. The Olson Woman of Valor Award has been presented since 2004 to some of the country`s most influential women leaders. It recognizes exceptional women who have demonstrated a strong commitment to freedom, limited government, and personal responsibility, and whose work has contributed to a significant improvement in the lives of women and their loved ones. Please note that this event is subject to the requirements of the Restriction Waiver Program, which will be reviewed at the door. The Gentleman of Distinction Award honors a man who works to protect and defend our American ideals and create a stronger, healthier society. He is also an example of a commitment to respect and civil discourse, showing generosity and kindness to critics while remaining steadfast in his convictions. He advocated for limited government, economic freedom and personal freedom, and advocated equal opportunities for women and men. The IMF`s annual awards gala is an experience you will never forget. You won`t want to miss this celebration.

Click below to download the program for our 2021 Annual Awards Gala. It is an event that brings together influential leaders from all fields. They will mingle with everyone from U.S. senators to executives to prime-time news anchors. And you`ll hear inspiring speeches from some of the country`s most respected leaders. The Women`s Legal Forum, in partnership with the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association, presents Together We Rise. The Women`s Legal Forum Gala is scheduled for March 3, 2022. We hope to see you there!.